A Content Solution for Container Pricing for IBM Z

To help you understand and implement Container Pricing for IBM Z*, we worked in a new way, using IBM Design Thinking and repeated interaction with clients to produce a content solution, which is a comprehensive set of information and user assistance that’s delivered in various formats as appropriate. The content solution for Container Pricing for IBM Z includes the following:

Comprehensive content collection. This new kind of entry in the Knowledge Center, which we’ve nicknamed a c3, serves as a one-stop shop for all topics in the z/OS* library related to Container Pricing for IBM Z. It brings together information about SCRT, MVS*, Enterprise workload manager, RMF*, z/OS Management Facility and SMF. With the c3, there’s no jumping from book to book; the information is all together in one comprehensive, coherent collection. Learn more at ibm.co/2HRmr9D. The c3 is also available as a PDF, which can be found at ibm.co/2FHLcic.

Video demos. Two brief videos introduce concepts and demonstrate the process of implementing a Container Pricing solution in a dedicated LPAR and a Container Pricing solution that’s colocated with other workloads in an existing LPAR. You can view the videos at bit.ly/2FHxxbj and bit.ly/2JQTR4u.

z/OSMF workflows. Two z/OSMF workflows provide guided steps for implementing a dedicated solution and a colocated solution. You can get the details at bit.ly/2rjyxNi.

You might also want to check out these other important resources:

Whitepaper. This introduces the basic concepts of Container Pricing for IBM Z. It was made available months before GA and served as the basis for much of the content that followed. Read on at ibm.co/2HNTEm8.

Software pricing web pages. These are the hub for all content. For example, you can follow links to read more about Container Pricing for IBM Z, to watch a video or to download a z/OSMF workflow. Get more resources at ibm.co/2wcrz2r.

Stay tuned for future additions to the content solution for Container Pricing for IBM Z. For a complete list of the content solutions for z/OS, see IBM Z Solutions on the z/OS V2R3 home page within the Knowledge Center at ibm.co/2JQyKiH.

—A.S and W.K.


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