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What to Do When Tape Delivery Disappears

Tape Delivery Disappearing

As stated in the IBM Software Announcement 218-118, dated March 6, 2018, you soon will no longer have the delivery on tape media option for your z/OS product or service orders. As of July 1, 2018, the only supported delivery methods will be Internet and DVD with an effective date of July 16, 2018. Now would be a good time to begin using an alternate delivery method. Internet delivery is the recommended method and is used for nearly 90 percent of z/OS software orders. If you require a physical delivery method, choose DVD.

Preparing for Internet Delivery

If you plan to switch to Internet delivery, there are setup requirements described further in z/OS Planning for Installation. All z/OS product and service order downloads are secure and can be done using Secure FTP (FTPS), HTTP Secure (HTTPS), or Download Director with encryption. The Download Director option is not available in ServiceLink. When placing your z/OS product order in IBM Shopz or z/OS service order in IBM Shopz or IBM ServiceLink, select the Internet delivery option and you will receive an email when your order is ready for download. The download email describes how to access your order’s download page. The download page is customized for your order and contains documentation and jobs that can be used to download your order. You need enough storage space in your download filesystem on your z/OS system to accommodate and process your order. The download page provides the information needed to help you determine the storage space required. Your order resides on IBM’s download server for 30 days before it expires. You must complete the download of all order content before your order expires.

Direct-to-Host Method

You can use the Direct-to-Host method to download your order directly to your z/OS system using either the HTTPS download job or the FTPS download job. You need to obtain the Certificate Authority (CA) certificate and store it in your RACF keyring. See the SMP/E for z/OS User’s Guide and Washington System Center (WSC) Flash 10884 for information about the required certificates. If necessary, you may need to set up your firewall rules to allow downloads from the IBM servers. See WSC Flash 10780 for information regarding the IBM download servers used for z/OS product and service orders.

Store-and-Forward Method

If you cannot download directly to your z/OS system, you can use the Store-and-Forward method to download your order to an intermediate workstation using IBM Download Director and then upload the order to your z/OS system. The Store-and-Forward method does not require the use of certificates to download your order to the intermediate workstation. Storage space is required on your z/OS system to upload your order. Your workstation must have enough storage space to accommodate your order and must be network-attached to upload your order to your z/OS system.

Connectivity Test

Verify that your system is set up properly to download z/OS product and service orders from IBM by using the IBM Connectivity Test for SW Download Readiness website. Choose a download method (HTTPS, FTPS, Download Director with encryption) to download a test package from the IBM server to your z/OS system or to your intermediate workstation.

Preparing for DVD Delivery

If you plan to switch to DVD delivery, there are set-up requirements described further in z/OS Planning for Installation. When placing your z/OS product order in IBM Shopz or z/OS service order in IBM Shopz or IBM ServiceLink, select the DVD delivery option. To upload your DVD order, you need a workstation with a DVD reader that is network-attached to your z/OS system. You also need enough storage space on your workstation to accommodate your order.

Be Prepared!

Internet and DVD delivery options are already available in both Shopz and ServiceLink. Act now to begin using one of these methods.

Lucy Miller is a senior solution architect at IBM in Poughkeepsie, NY. She is responsible for requirements and leads the development, manufacturing, delivery and installation of the z/OS Customized Offerings which includes ServerPac, CBPDO and the Customized Offerings Driver.

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