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IBM Technology Support Services Offers Protection for Business Resiliency and Continuity

IBM Technology Support Services

Complete Solution

When buying a server from IBM and associated OS and software licensing, the client receives defect support with IBM Z software Monthly License Charge (MLC) or support and subscription feature. This support includes:

  • Available maintenance and fixes
  • Access to documentation and software release upgrades
  • Voice support for defects

While that is good, more support is available to ensure IT resiliency. Technology Support Services augments the defect support services that come with the MLC to create the most comprehensive end-to-end support solution. Technology Support Services is a one-stop shop solution that can include all of the critical support elements described earlier:

  • 24-7 hardware and software support (including multivendor products)
  • Electronic and voice question-and-answer support for all current versions of z/OS, Linux*, open-source software and middleware products
  • One-hour premium response for critical defect problems
  • Robust set of electronic tools
  • Proactive support
  • Managed support via a technical account manager

Technology Support Services for IBM Z includes direct remote or on-site access to highly trained technical specialists for usage, how-to, documentation, configuration, installation and defect support issues. It’s available electronically, with an option to add voice support. These services include a robust set of electronic tools that enable clients to query IBM knowledgebase databases for answers to common issues. This tool suite can also be used to report, track and manage all issues. This tool suite integrates the tracking of upcoming defects and fixes, including delivery/distribution management.

This solution provides integrated proactive support which includes automatic customized notification of high impact problems, recommended fixes, work-arounds for known issues, planning insight for future change management including coexistence and toleration maintenance when migrating to new versions or releases. This enables clients to optimize their IBM Z ecosystem availability.

Managed support is available with a technical account manager, which helps improve resiliency and decrease operational costs. The technical account manager owns the overall IBM service relationship between the client and IBM support and has a detailed understanding of the client’s complete ecosystem, support needs and any upcoming changes. They assist with problem prevention and in driving enhanced problem resolution for those issues that cannot be avoided.

Business Advantage

IBM Z Technology Support Services can be an integral part to a complete business resiliency and continuity plan that mitigates outages and costly downtime. It simplifies maintenance and helps maximize the return on the platform and associated IT investments. It can increase staff productivity and reduce operational costs, including savings associated with consolidating costly multivendor agreements.

Having a complete solution helps with business peace of mind and productivity to focus on your organization. Technology Support Services for IBM Z offers a single source of hardware and software support (

Robert Laraman is an executive for U.S. Technology Software Support Services at IBM with over 22 years of experience with Software Support Delivery, Operations and Sales.

Seamus Keane is the business executive for all Technology Support Services for all U.S. enhanced services on Linux on z Systems, Power Systems and Storage. Seamus has many years of experience across all aspects of enhanced services—delivery, operations and sales.

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