Why SAP on DB2?

When SAP and DB2 are combined, the IBM workload-optimized servers adapt to ever-increasing workloads while reducing costs, according to the International Technology Group’s 2010 report, “Business Case for IBM System z: Bottom-Line Impact of Availability and Recovery.” Additional advantages the report cites include:

  • DB2 can reduce overall data management costs by up to 30 percent.
  • By using IBM workload optimized servers DB2 can be optimized for SAP.
  • Using deep compression, DB2 requires less data storage than other databases, with superior algorithms for database tables and database indexes.
  • DB2 is able to compress temporary table space, which can comprise up to 30 percent of some environments.
  • Migrating an SAP environment to DB2 is straightforward, and IBM has special migration offers to contain costs for clients.
  • If DB2 skills are an issue, clients can work with IBM Global Technology Services and the applications-on-demand business to remotely manage services running in the client’s infrastructure.



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