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In Real-Time Scoring With an IBM Solution Data Is Processed in Milliseconds, Offering Quick Service

The real-time score is much more accurate because it has all of the information necessary that could influence the outcome. On the other hand, this approach to real-time scoring is reliant upon the Web services call to score the data and return the result. Therefore, we need to be conscious of any possible bottlenecks because they could impact performance and the capability to use the score in the decision-making process. Not to mention it could be difficult and costly to scale to score in real time due to the network bandwidth it would require, especially in transaction-heavy environments. Also, the scoring application must be designed with the same qualities of service as of the OLTP application, which can be costly but is required with all front-line solutions where seconds count.

It is widely recognized that real-time scoring is the solution to make the best or right decision (i.e., upsell, cross-sell, fraud detection, etc.) at the point of impact. For many customers, especially those running their transactional applications on zEnterprise, the traditional approach to real-time scoring can be too costly and complex due to the volume of transactions they would need to support.

Cost-Effective Solution

In 2012, IBM introduced IBM SPSS Modeler Scoring Adapter for DB2 for z/OS software, which enables customers to score 12,000 transactions per second in real time to help deliver better, more profitable decisions at the point of customer impact.

This approach to real-time scoring allows organizations to incorporate the newest and most relevant data as it’s received directly into the decision-making process without the traditional cost and complexity. With IBM SPSS Modeler Scoring Adapter for DB2 for z/OS, the scoring adapters are deployed directly in the DB2 for z/OS OLTP database so that each new record can be evaluated to produce a score—or prediction—as it’s received.

Multiple benefits can be realized from this solution, including:

  • Real-time scoring response time is a millisecond or even microsecond instead of the seconds of response time from Web-services-based approaches
  • Automatically extending the qualities of service designed for the business application to real-time scoring, eliminating the need to worry about outages, bottlenecks, etc.
  • Delivering both real-time and batch scoring with a single solution, using the approach that makes the most sense for the business
  • Reducing the cost and volume of data movement required to support the business’s requirements
  • Reducing the network bandwidth required for scoring because all functionality is internal to the zEnterprise System
  • Consolidating resources by reducing redundancy in the hardware, software, administration resources, floor space, heating and cooling required
  • Delivering the desired results to the business, including the capability to improve the accuracy of decisions by having a 360-degree view of the customer

Rebecca Wormleighton is an IBM product marketing manager for Cognos software, focusing on synergy’s between Cognos business-intelligence software and IBM products. She can be reached at

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