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Remodeling The Data Warehouse

System z as the hub of a workload-optimized, business-analtyics system

Clients who use BI software to help optimize their businesses are challenged with long-running, complex queries against large data amounts. These customers will see immediate value through this easy-to-deploy technology that requires no application changes to capitalize on the extreme business-analysis acceleration. The Smart Analytics Optimizer transparently accelerates the most complex analysis with many applications and tools, such as Cognos* 8 BI.

The IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer is a cost effective add-on to an operational data warehouse that achieves unprecedented speed for business insights. The IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer accelerates DB2* queries without incurring System z usage charges, while enabling faster response times.

A Workload-Optimized System

Today’s IT infrastructure is under stress. The increasing cost and complexity of IT compounded by information’s growing volume, velocity and diversity is driving the need for a fresh look at system design. Workloads matter; they influence how clients choose systems. The challenge is how to optimize systems in ways that deliver dramatically better performance, scalability and efficiency while reducing the demands on IT experts who design, integrate and maintain IT systems.

IBM Smart Analytics Systems meet these challenges. More than a bundle of hardware and software, or industry-leading technology, the secret to these systems is the purposeful design. Integrated technologies, like accelerators, are combined in different ways unique to the characteristics of a given workload (see Figure 1).

These solutions offer significant value for any company or enterprise wishing to drive smarter business outcomes faster. The IBM Smart Analytics System 9600 and Smart Analytics Optimizer can provide a powerful combination to provide the answers you need, where and when you need them with the performance you expect.

For more information: To learn more about the IBM Smart Analytics System 9600 or Smart Analytics Optimizer, contact your IBM representative or visit:

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