Analytics and Machine Learning Tools You Can Use on IBM Z

A suite of analytics and machine learning open-source applications on IBM Z* enables data scientists and system administrators to apply familiar tools to data in place. This suite includes:

  • IBM Open Data Analytics for z/OS*. An integrated, optimized analytics runtime for z/OS based on industry standard open-source software stacks including Apache Spark, Python and Anaconda. This also includes Mainframe Data Service, which provides a data integration layer so analytic applications written in Spark, Python, Scala or Java* are abstracted from the details of data integration. This capability supports a wide variety of data sources both on and off the platform, is extremely efficient in terms of processing and total costs of ownership, and provides the ability to federate analytics across multiple sources of data while integrating with open-source frameworks. In addition, analytic result sets can be easily shared across an enterprise for integration with existing applications and tools.
  • IBM Machine Learning for z/OS. Designed to improve the flow of machine learning, IBM Machine Learning for z/OS assists with each step of the process, including data prep, model selection, parameter selection, deployment and continuous monitoring. It also leverages algorithms from open-source frameworks for ease of use and accessibility. IBM Machine Learning for z/OS leverages IBM Open Data Analytics for z/OS as a runtime engine.



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