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IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator V4.1 Expands the Value of High Performance Analytics

The global economy has created a fiercely competitive environment in which every enterprise seeks a new competitive edge. In response, companies using analytics often considerably outperform their peers. This is demonstrated by their financial results.

Leveraging the information available to respond to business situations faster—and ultimately, improve competitive advantage—puts the organization with better and faster insight in the best position for success.

Integrated Simplicity

Many companies trust the IBM zEnterprise* platform to hold their mission-critical data. The IBM DB2* Analytics Accelerator for z/OS* allows zEnterprise customers to bring analytics closer to their operational data sources. This creates an environment where high-volume business transactions, batch reporting and complex analytic queries can run together in mixed workload environments while providing extraordinary performance at reasonable cost. This hybrid infrastructure blends the best attributes of symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) using DB2 for z/OS, with the best of massively parallel processing using Netezza* technology. This combination can allow you to leverage existing people, processes and zEnterprise infrastructure to enable new business opportunities.

Time Saver
DFSMSdfp enhancements included in z/OS V2.1 can help reduce the CPU time used for accelerator load processing by up to 30%

The accelerator is a high-performance appliance that integrates zEnterprise and Netezza technologies to accelerate relevant data-intensive and complex queries. The results are clear. Complex multidimensional queries can run as much as 2,000 times faster than the same query running natively on DB2 for z/OS. Together, DB2 and the appliance form a self-managing hybrid environment that can run both online transaction processing (OLTP) and online transactional analytical processing as well as business intelligence and online analytic processing (OLAP) workloads concurrently and efficiently. Organizations can obtain the results of analytic queries much more quickly than was previously possible, opening unprecedented opportunities for your business to make use of the data already on the zEnterprise platform, both for analytics-infused OLTP as well as sophisticated OLAP.

New and Improved

Version 4.1 offers greater business benefits as well as cost savings by supporting more data and queries while delivering advanced system requirements that include high availability and workload management. The latest version’s improvements include:

Acceleration of a broader array of queries. Static SQL is traditionally heavily used by DB2 for z/OS customers, With Version 4.1, Static SQL statements may now be routed and processed on the accelerator. This opens up new opportunities to improve the speed of results by significantly expanding the number of queries and applications that can take advantage of it.

Other improvements include support for both multirow FETCH and row-set cursors. This capability can help to significantly increase throughput and improve performance when receiving large query result sets. In addition, customers who utilize both traditional EBCDIC and International Unicode content in the same DB2 subsystem may now benefit from version 4.1 support for both within the same accelerated DB2 subsystem and accelerator. All of these enhancements underline IBM’s overall strategy to continuously grow the scope of queries and applications that can benefit from the accelerator.

Improved enterprise robustness and scalability. zEnterprise technology provides the highest standards in qualities of service and availability. Version 4.1 introduces enhanced support for active/active high-availability architectures. With multiple accelerators connected, automated query routing, based on utilization information, should lead to the most efficient use of all attached systems. To maximize business value, the appliance easily integrates into zEnterprise architectures based on Parallel Sysplex* and DB2 data sharing.

Patricia Zakhar is IBM’s worldwide product marketing manager for data warehousing on System z.

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