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A Match Made in the Cloud

System z servers and Tivoli software go beyond virtualization

System z servers and Tivoli software go beyond virtualization
Illustration by Tony Gold

Economic and competitive drivers are forcing businesses to redefine and redesign their IT infrastructures. Many organizations are leveraging virtualization, and some are reaching the limits of what it can achieve. Those companies are looking to cloud computing as the next logical step.

Interest in private clouds is high because customers know they can gain the benefits of cloud computing and, while maintaining control, further optimize their infrastructures to provide the flexibility needed to drive business growth. Cloud computing and the optimization of the infrastructure are the next logical steps to drive across-the-board IT operational cost reductions.

From a business perspective, a successful private cloud depends on IT selecting the right combination of hardware, virtualization technology and management software to deploy on-demand, self-provisioned, pay-as-you-grow services that are continuously available. For IT, the perspective is very different: Cloud infrastructure must provide economies of scale, flexibility, efficiency, fine-grained resource provisioning, accurate accounting and a high level of automation for governance, security and maintenance. Unfortunately, many data-center infrastructures can’t handle these fundamental requirements across a diverse set of workloads.

Heterogeneous cloud deployments are now possible under an integrated and single-managed infrastructure.

Christian Reilly is worldwide marketing manager for IBM Systems and Technology Group, Power and System z servers.

David Dimston is the worldwide sales-acceleration consultant for IBM Tivoli and communications sector in IBM’s Software Group.

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