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The IBM OMEGAMON Revolution

Candle acquisition reshapes Tivoli landscape.

Candle acquisition reshapes Tivoli landscape.

When IBM acquired Candle Corp. in 2004, a primary reason was to acquire Candle's knowledge capital and products in the mainframe monitoring segment. However, it turned out that Candle developed technology that encompassed much more than the mainframe. What transpired became a revolution.

IBM* Tivoli* software delivered integrated monitoring solutions on distributed platforms. However, IBM's monitoring solutions for mainframe applications based on CICS*, DB2* and IMS*, weren't well integrated and had very different user interfaces. Tivoli was looking to bring together the distributed and mainframe monitors to provide an end-to-end solution. The solution came from technology developed by Candle Corp.: OMEGAMON* XE.

When OMEGAMON was released by Candle in 1977, it was recognized as the first MVS* real-time monitor. It also provided the system programmers with tools to immediately perform common tasks that normally required the MVS OS to be IPLed. Since then, OMEGAMON has built a strong reputation and loyalty among mainframe customers worldwide.

Once IBM development organizations realized what they had acquired, they decided they had a tremendous opportunity to finally deliver one consolidated end-to-end systems-management solution.

Tivoli Enterprise Portal

Using the Tivoli Enterprise Portal (TEP), z/OS* and distributed resources can be monitored through a common Web browser or Java* Windows* client. Since alerts, real-time performance and long-term history are all accessible through the same user interface, operators can quickly identify problems, (see Figure 1).

Current OMEGAMON users can continue to use the familiar 3270 interfaces, since both the OMEGAMON Classic and OMEGAMON II monitors are included with the OMEGAMON XE solutions. Installation is simplified since all monitoring agents can build upon a common management infrastructure, (see Figure 2). (Note: For definitions for the products listed in Figure 2, as well as other definitions for terms found throughout this article, consult the "Glossary" sidebar.)

OMEGAMON has built a strong reputation and loyalty among mainframe customers around the world.

Ernie Gilman is a 30-year IBM employee and senior consulting IT specialist. Ernie can be reached at

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