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Preparing for a Rebound

Six computing strategies for a recovering economy

Six computing strategies for a recovering economy

6. Contain Storage Growth

As mainframe storage technologies evolve, units are getting smaller, prices are decreasing and over-provisioning is becoming the norm, which results in wasted money, technology and resources.

However, your staff may not have the best tool to manage storage efficiently and prevent over-provisioning. Failing to effectively manage storage allocations means you miss out on a good opportunity to cut costs. For example, if storage consumes up to 11 percent of your hardware budget, the impact to your bottom line can be significant.

Technology that automates storage processes will minimize the cost and risk of over-provisioning. It’s important to identify inefficiencies in the physical-storage repository and allocate data to minimize those inefficiencies and maximize resources. This allows your organization to be green and save money with a storage-management solution that addresses these challenges. The result is a reduction in cooling, floor-space requirements and energy costs.

Looking Ahead

Most IT organizations are running lean after slogging through the economic downturn. As the economy continues to improve and business increases, your organization will be expected not only to keep pace, but also to be prepared for growth. These six steps can help improve the mainframe’s efficiency and effectiveness to better prepare you for the challenges of meeting day-to-day operations, as well as the challenges of tomorrow. You can reduce operating costs, increase availability and remain competitive. That’s a recipe for solid business success in any economy.

Mike Moser, a product management director and program executive within BMC Software's Mainframe Service Management business unit, focuses on issues related to reducing costs while improving IT efficiency and service delivery.

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