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Preparing for a Rebound

Six computing strategies for a recovering economy

Six computing strategies for a recovering economy

3. Prepare for Growth

Capacity-management planning is critical to know when you must buy additional hardware and predict future requirements without buying too much. Do you have an accurate model to estimate the effect of an increase in business and how it will impact your systems? How do you know you’ll have enough resources to handle an increase in business?

In an effort to make data centers more efficient, many businesses move their enterprise applications from distributed servers to the mainframe. They consolidate these applications in virtualized environments running on Linux* on System z*. This move creates a challenge. The mainframe technicians must ensure performance across environments that include Linux objects, in addition to the traditional LPARs and subsystems.

Effective capacity-management planning can improve the success of consolidation and virtualization projects. Consider leveraging smart technology with predictive analytics, modeling and other sophisticated features that facilitate right-sizing the mainframe to help meet changing business requirements. These tools ensure mainframe performance is optimized for any changes being made to the environment, such as deploying virtualized applications or adding specialty workload-processing engines, such as IFLs.

The correct approach to capacity-management planning will project what savings will mean for the business. It can identify when you need to upgrade and what you need to buy to service the business at the lowest cost.

4. Maximize Performance Management

Mainframe availability is critical to business success and requires performance-management solutions that maximize the availability and performance of mainframe systems on a day-to-day basis. Otherwise, you’re failing to get the full value from your hardware investment. More importantly, these solutions detect system-performance issues quickly enough to prevent business disruption.

Performance management helps you get the most out of your technology investments by managing business-critical applications and ensuring you can provide the service your customers expect—all while protecting your bottom line.

Mike Moser, a product management director and program executive within BMC Software's Mainframe Service Management business unit, focuses on issues related to reducing costs while improving IT efficiency and service delivery.

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