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Infoprint Server for z/OS, OS/390 and PrintWay/Netspool

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If your enterprise needs a centralized control for printing tasks, including maintenance and administration, Infoprint Server can provide it. This is an optional feature of IBM OS/390* Version 2 Release 8 (and higher) that uses OS/390 UNIX* System Services. The IP PrintWay/NetSpool feature is part of the Infoprint Server for OS/390 systems.

Infoprint Server Transforms, a separate product (program number 5697-F51), provides a set of data transforms that allow users to convert data to and from Advanced Function Printing (AFP) data formats. Some transforms (provided at no additional cost to Infoprint Server customers) are designed to enable users to print Printer Control Language (PCL), PDF, PostScript and service access point (SAP) data on IBM AFP printers. Other transforms (available as priced features) let users print AFP and S/390* system line data on PCL and PostScript printers, and convert AFP data to PDF for posting on the Web.

An administrator can set up transforms to automatically convert data when printing. A user can also transform documents from the OS/390 systems and UNIX command lines. Documents transformed from the command line can be saved in the converted format and printed later or sent to other users.

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