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Disaster Recovery Levels


As pressure for availability mounts, effective disaster-recovery techniques become vital to businesses. Today, customers typically select four different disaster recovery quality-of-service (QoS) levels for their enterprise. These are then delivered via the same IT infrastructure. A typical disaster recovery SLA might map to the following disaster recovery QoS alternatives for the customers applications and business units:

  • Platinum: RPO = seconds, RTO = under two hours. Delivered by a Tier 7 infrastructure like GDPS.
  • Gold: RPO = two hours, RTO = six hours. Delivered by a Tier 4/5 database log mirror/log apply solution.
  • Silver: RPO = 24 hours, RTO = 48 hours. Delivered by a PiT backup capability.
  • Bronze: RPO = 24 hours, RTO = 48 hours. Delivered by nightly backups for the purpose of disaster recovery.

Business-continuity solutions tend to encompass the entire IT organization in providing a complete service for the company's business units. As such, different organizations are required to effectively deploy and continually test such a disaster-recovery implementation. Today's trends are to implement disaster-recovery solutions as a normal extension to the IT infrastructure, providing the ability to efficiently utilize all resources (servers and storage) across multiple sites for both planned and unplanned outages. Such a consolidated approach tends to help IT organizations effectively implement various disaster-recovery service levels to meet the needs of the business while balancing the IT organizations total cost of ownership objectives. For details on IBM TotalStorage Disk Subsystem Solutions,click here.

Robert Kern works in Disk Storage Architecture for the IBM. Robert can be reached at

Victor Peltz works in Business Line Management for the IBM Systems and Technology Group in San Jose, Calif. Victor can be reached at

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