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Rational Developer boosts productivity by as much as 20 percent.

Rational Developer boosts productivity by as much as 20 percent.
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Innovation fuels growth and changes the game. Forget about scratching out a few-percent increase in market share. Innovation is the rocket that will propel your company into the stratosphere.

To avoid being caught flat-footed when the world economy recovers from the global recession, enterprises need to position for rebound. At the same time, cost control remains important. That puts the pressure on companies to create new products and bring them to market while at the very least maintaining existing offerings, or even better, upgrading them, and doing all of it without adding capital equipment or head count. Simple, right?

Actually, with IBM Rational* solutions, it can be. IBM offers a suite of Rational products designed to raise individual developer productivity, improve team efficiency and enable highly economical approaches to modernizing your Power Systems* applications. If you’re not in a position to hire, Rational solutions let you do more with less. If you are in a position to hire, the cutting-edge tools make it easier for you to lure new talent who can hit the ground running.

Rational Developer for Power Systems Software

Legions of Power Systems application developers still work with green-screen and command-line tools that only let them perform one activity and see one narrow view of an application at a time. The wasted motions of switching from one view or task to the next are a huge productivity killer. Rational Developer for Power Systems Software* helps eliminate this challenge.

Rational Developer is a family of modern, graphical integrated development environments (IDEs), that supports development of applications for AIX*, Linux* and IBM i using the RPG, COBOL, C and C++ languages. It includes host system navigators, syntax-aware source-code editors, visual screen and report designers, integrated compilation and feedback, visual debugging, and visual analysis tools. It supplies rich, interlinked context information to support whatever task the developer is performing. It brings developers a more intensive, broader understanding of application structure, and speeds the creation or modification of code. Rational Developer eliminates waste motion to get the job done faster.

Of course, writing code is only half the battle. Programmers also must compile it. Here, too, Rational Developer and Power Systems offer benefits. Behind the IDE stands the full stack of IBM Power Systems technology, including compilers uniquely optimized for the POWER5*, POWER6* and POWER7* architectures (see “POWER7 Propels Rational Developer Productivity,” below). The compilers themselves, and the way compiler feedback has been integrated into the IDE, are designed to enhance developer productivity. They feature compiler listing enhancements that speed problem determination, compilation reports in XML format to assist performance tuning, and reduced compile times at high optimization. As a result, developers can concentrate on the unique and proprietary business aspects of their applications while leaving most of the low-level optimization to the compiler.

“We estimate between 20 to 30 percent improvements in team productivity and quality.” —Steve Norton, President, Oxford International

Kristin Lewotsky is a freelance technology writer based in Amherst, N.H.

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