20th RPG & DB2 Summit Teaches Latest OLAP, Temporal Capabilities in DB2 for i

Peterborough, NH – May 17, 2016 – Celebrating a milestone in its history, System i Developer today opens registration for its 20th RPG & DB2 Summit, the premier conference that focuses exclusively on training IBM i developers and database engineers. Set for October 4-6, 2016 at the Westin Lombard in the greater Chicago area, this RPG & DB2 Summit will feature in-depth coverage of the top IBM i 7.3 enhancements for DB2 for i, as well as a new Hands-On Workshop focused on using RPG Procedures and Service Programs to modularize code. The new 8-hour Workshop will run as a fourth track on the optional pre-conference day, Monday, October 3, with additional workshops on SQL, RDi/RSE and PHP.

“It’s a bit ironic,” points out Jon Paris, a founding partner of System i Developer. “Here we are at the 20th Summit, and we’re seeing a resurgence of interest in service program training. Several attendees have asked for a hands-on session on the topic. Apparently, many shops are finally getting serious about modularizing their ‘AS/400’ code.

“Of course, we also see a lot of interest in free form, SQL, RDi and so on. And those who already make extensive use of newer coding techniques tend to be focused on doing more with their IBM i data. Those folks want to learn about new features like OLAP and temporal support in the database, and we’re going to be giving them a lot of food for thought.”  

A 14-session DB2 for i track, entitled Design It, Build It, Secure It, Tune It, debuted in March 2016 and takes a step-by-step approach to teaching modern database techniques. For October, the track will incorporate an assessment of new IBM i 7.3 capabilities plus sessions on OLAP specifications, DB2 temporal support, and the new version of Web Query.

The DB2 track will also cover topics such as thinking in sets as opposed to records; the elements of set-at-a-time processing; the SQL components of DDL, DML and PSM and related objects such as tables, views, indexes, queries, procedures; built-in security features such as Row and Column Access Control (RCAC); and techniques for increasing efficiency, performance and scalability.

Online registration for the RPG & DB2 Summit can be accessed via the System i Developer website.

To find out more about the conference, the Hands-On Workshops and the DB2 for i track, visit www.systemideveloper.com, email registration@systemideveloper.com or call 603-924-3769 (toll-free 866-716-5409).

About System i Developer

Comprised of top experts in RPG, SQL, RSE, DB2 for i, ILE, PHP, mobile and Web technologies, System i Developer delivers the very best RPG and DB2-focused education available. Its cornerstone conference, the RPG & DB2 Summit, provides an interactive, total-immersion experience to RPG and DB2 for i developers who want to stay abreast of the latest advancements and learn how to apply specific RPG/DB2- compatible techniques to keep their software applications vibrant and innovative.

As independent educators with long-standing relationships with IBM, members of the consortium also work with individual organizations to provide well-informed, unbiased advice and training on any IBM i development topic – from basic best practices to the newest, most advanced techniques. 

 The consortium currently comprises Susan Gantner, Jon Paris and Paul Tuohy.



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