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The amount of new function delivered with OS/400* V5R1 was immense. From logical partitioning (LPAR) enhancements to record-setting lines of new code, the latest release offers features that-in all likelihood-many of us will be discovering for years to come. For a substantial number of users, the door to that discovery will be Operations Navigator. With V5R1, Operations Navigator doubled the amount of GUI on the iSeries. It also includes a number of new wizards designed to simplify tasks, such as LPAR configuration. For a list of new V5R1 Operations Navigator enhancements, see, "iSeries Operations Navigator: What's New in V5R1".

For a list of new V5R1 Operations Navigator enhancements, see, "iSeries Operations Navigator: What's New in V5R1." And for additional comments on Operations Navigator performance from IBM's Joe DiCecco, iSeries user interface strategist, click here.

Recently, iSeries Magazine contacted three members of the V5R1 Operations Navigator beta team to get their views on the latest iteration of Operations Navigator. Comprised of iSeries business partners and customers, these beta users provided the V5R1 development team with feedback on the latest version of Operations Navigator.

Jan Fountain, iSeries technical manager, Tectrade Computers, Ltd.

IT Environment
We have a Model 820 2397 1521 with two LPAR partitions at V5R1. Both run clustered Domino* servers for our live environment and Demo Centre. There also is an external Integrated xSeries* Adapter (IXA)-attached xSeries 7100, which is part of our storage area network (SAN) infrastructure running Tivoli* Storage Manager, TSNM and Tivoli SANergy. Other servers include Windows* 2000, NT* and two AS/400 Model 170s.

What were your overall impressions of V5R1 Operations Navigator?
I have found many nice touches with the introduction of more wizards and plug-ins. For example, the Internet wizard is really neat. For anyone who wants to setup the HTTP Web server for the first time, this would a great way to do it. It guides you through the steps with various questions, which then lead to a welcome page. From there you can access the HTTP configuration and administration.

The systems management improvements-such as system values that compare and update between systems and being able to create a user on multiple systems from one task-also are useful. Additionally, with the introduction of the new service user profiles at V5R1, you can tie down new functionality such as LPAR, clustering and disk configuration through Operations Navigator. Combining this with the application administration allows you to secure the server very tightly.

















"The user interface teams in Rochester have done a fantastic job with this product. If you are an iSeries customer who has not seen recent versions of this product, do yourself a favor and take another look." -Bradford L. Tutt

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