BeNeLux Power hosts COMMON Europe’s iBelieve

On November 14, 2013, COMMON Belgium, NGN COMMON Netherlands and COMMON Luxembourg organized a combined “BeNeLux Power +iBelieve 2013” event. COMMON Europe sponsored the iBelieve Tour promoted by looksoftware, which was also held in Austria, Great Britain, Poland and Sweden. The event was exceptionally successful with more than 100 participations. The majority of the participants were from Belgium and Netherlands in equal proportions and there were a few attendees from Luxembourg and other countries.

The event theme was application modernization and offered two parallel streams, one on IBM i and the other on AIX/Linux. Sander Slingerland, BUE IBM Power Systems BeNeLux, gave the opening speech on “Power Systems news” and Dr. Frank Soltis, retired IBM chief scientist, gave the keynote speech on “Future Directions in Business Computing and the Role of Power Systems.” The IBM i stream and iBelieve sessions dealt with the foundations of IBM i application modernization and the strengths of IBM i as the best business platform. The AIX/Linux stream consisted of Linux on Power and Power Systems strategy and latest announcements. A roundtable discussed the what, why and how of application modernization. In addition to Slingerland and Soltis, Paul Hodgkinson, Pascal Polverini, Trevor Perry, Jos Vermaere, Rob Hogerwerf and Guy Kindermans also spoke at the event.

This was also an occasion to celebrate the 25 years of the IBM i. The day’s closing session marked the 25th anniversary of IBM i that started in 1988 as AS/400. Soltis, the father of IBM i, the ceremony sponsor Arcad Software’s Olenka Van Schendel and I cut the cake while the participants savored champagne.

Sponsorship was yet another important part of the event. IBM was the major event sponsor. IRIS ICT was from the AIX/Linux side, QSL and Maxava showcased high availability products, Arcad Software and Remain Software had application lifecycle management solutions, Inventive Designers proposed data text merge and Aia Software proposed customer communications management.

The organizing team was composed of Paul Roy from COMMON Europe Luxembourg, Koos Jacobs and Rob Freeling from NGN COMMON Netherlands, and Philippe Vanden Bussche and myself. It was rewarding to get so much great feedback and we look forward to being able to host many more successful events.

Learn more and see photos at the COMMON Belgium website.

Shrirang “Ranga” Deshpande, Ph.D., from COMMON Belgium and COMMON Europe, is an IBM Champion.

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