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It’s only April but a lot has happened already this year: autonomous robots have hit the streets, Elon Musk announced plans to connect human brains directly to a computer, and new solutions are bringing the efficiency and cost savings of cloud to Power Systems.

So, cloud may not have the same “wow” factor as robots and Neuralink, but cloud-enabling one of the most powerful server platforms on the planet can definitely help “Power” the digital revolution that is underway. That’s because Power Systems are built to host data intensive workloads through your organization’s unique cloud strategy, whether it’s private or hybrid. Since the release of the Enterprise Cloud models, the Power Systems division has hit its stride with a constant drumbeat of client-first cloud solutions.

What does all this mean to customers? I can boil it down to three awesome things:

  1. Clients can get the economics of cloud with consumption based pricing without the risk, cost and complexity of moving mission-critical data to the cloud.

    Clients can provide the most secure, best performing and highly reliable application and data services for their organizations with on-prem systems—knowing they are only paying for the infrastructure they are actually using—and have peace of mind knowing that there is additional capacity they can easily activate when needed. Sweet.

    Cloud Service Providers can now host AIX, IBM i or Linux-based clouds with predictable monthly charges based on utilization because we recently released several new “pay-per-use” options. We've enhanced the EasyScale pay-per-use rental model for PowerVM servers and will be adding an OPEX model for the OpenPOWER LC systems. We’ve also debuted monthly pricing for AIX, utility pricing for Service Providers for IBM i, and added Elastic Capacity on Demand to the Digital Marketplace.

  2. Clients have the luxury of choice for how and where they build their clouds

    Clients can choose which advanced cloud orchestration solutions, open source scripting, and private or hybrid cloud infrastructure to implement. Additionally, clients can choose how, when and where to leverage Power public-cloud resources—whether to host Dev/Test teams, host an incubation/innovation team, build a new mobile app, secure a DR failover environment, or move an entire workload.

    We expanded our Cloud ecosystem to include Docker Data Center, cloud providers such as Nimbix, OpenStack support from Mirantis, new VMware vRealize Automation integrations, and a host of automation patterns to deploy the most popular apps on Power Systems in the cloud. Additionally, we brought new AIX on Power Systems cloud service providers into the fold with SkyTap, SiteOx, and Connectria.

  3. Clients can accelerate their Digital Transformation with solutions and services designed with competitive advantages in mind

    Whether clients are deploying agile and flexible open source database platforms, building new web services with container-based micro-services, or improving the cost/performance of their SAP implementations with SAP HANA, Power Systems has the solutions needed to help them on their way. For those looking to incorporate cognitive technology, IBM is the only vendor that builds systems with OpenPOWER technology from NVIDIA that dramatically accelerates emerging cognitive and ML/DL applications. These servers include GPU accelerators that make rapid access to data and frequent training of intelligence models feasible, allowing applications to make use of the most recent, most relevant data available.

We are not stopping here—we are not even slowing down. Technology is shifting, and taking full advantage of these shifts determines who wins and who loses. The Power Systems team is laser focused on ensuring that clients can differentiate themselves with cognitive technologies—on, off and between clouds.

Discover what solutions purposefully built for the cloud can do for your organization.

Alise Spence Power Systems Cloud Offering Manager

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