Calling All Aspiring IT Professionals! Nominate an IBM Fresh Face Today

IBM Fresh Faces

Are you or do you know an aspiring IT professional working with IBM Power Systems? We are looking for nominations for our next round of IBM Fresh Faces.

What are IBM Fresh Faces? An IBM Fresh Face is an up and coming IT professional who is working with IBM Power Systems and is pushing the boundaries of what is possible. To recognize these individuals and create visibility for the next generation of IT professionals, we created the IBM Fresh Faces program. The program is designed to showcase the “breakthrough thinking” of such an individual and how they are driving innovation at their respective company by using the IBM Power Systems platform.

What exactly does it take to become an IBM Fresh Face? An individual nominee must be:

  • An IBM Power Systems User
  • An aspiring IT Professional
  • Currently pushing the boundaries of what is possible at the company they work for by using the IBM Power Systems platform.

So why would you want to nominate yourself or a colleague to become an IBM Fresh Face?

For the Early Career IT Professional

Are you an aspiring IT professional innovating with IBM Power Systems? Or perhaps a friend or colleague fits this profile. Here is why you should nominate yourself or a colleague to become an IBM Fresh Face:

  • Recognition as a Technical and Thought Leader As an IBM Fresh Face, you’ll be recognized throughout your industry and community as an innovator, leading the next generation of IT professionals.
  • Career and Personal Brand Development You’ll be given opportunities to develop your career and personal brand such as being featured in marketing materials  and speaking at conferences and user groups.
  • Exclusive Insider Access to IBM Leaders As an IBM Fresh Face, you’ll be given exclusive access to IBM product leaders to learn about future technical roadmaps and strategy as well as what is next with IBM Power Systems.

For the Experienced Manager

Do you have a superstar IT employee at your company who’s early in his or her career? Or perhaps you know a customer that fits that profile. Here’s why as an experienced IT manager you should nominate an aspiring IT professional that you know to become an IBM Fresh Face:

  1. Visibility for Your Brand and Company Your company and brand will be featured in marketing materials such as IBM Systems Magazine and be recognized at conferences and user groups.
  2. Recognition as an Innovator in your Industry Having an IBM Fresh Face in your company shows that your organization is thinking outside of the box with what is possible with IBM Power Systems.
  3. Talent Recruitment and Development With an IBM Fresh Face on your team, you’re demonstrating that you’re committed to the next generation of IT professionals and will help recruit and develop top talent for your future.

If you know a candidate that would fit the IBM Fresh Face criteria, simply complete the nomination form and send it to me at

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