A Bountiful Harvest

IBM shares the fruits of its labor with faster Power processors, solid-state disk and more

IBM shares the fruits of its labor with faster Power processors, solid-state disk and more
Illustration by William Low

Spring has sprung and one indication is the proliferation of farmers markets popping up. Tables laden with colorful veggies, lush fruits and tempting jars of preserves make you want to fill your basket to overflowing just for the sensory pleasure of it all. The fruits of that labor—both the farmers’ and yours—fill you up with good things.

You may feel the same when you see the spread of delights IBM rolled out at the end of April. Hardware and software worlds are gaining some colorful additions to satisfy Power* Systems users. From more powerful Power 520s and 550s to virtual tape and Active Memory Sharing, you’re sure to find a cornucopia of new solutions to make your infrastructure more dynamic. As part of IBM’s Dynamic Infrastructure* initiative, you’ll see more emphasis in all its hardware and software offerings on building a more dynamic data center to help improve service, reduce cost and manage risk.

More Power for Power

The freshest picks are new hardware solutions that expand your compute capabilities. IBM now offers faster processor speeds in the Power 520 and Power 550 servers. The basic configurations haven’t changed but the servers are being updated with the latest POWER6* technology. The Power 520, which last year offered 4.2 GHz processors, will now take advantage of new 4.7 GHz processors in 2 or 4 cores. The 550, which previously offered 3.5 and 4.2 GHz processors, now offers much faster 5.0 processors in 2, 4, 6 or 8 cores. Both servers support IBM i 6.1, AIX* and Linux*.

“Offering the very latest technology is one of the benefits of the unification for i clients,” says Ian Jarman, manager of IBM Power Systems software. “The 520 and the 550 are the two most popular models for i clients so they’ll be interested to know that IBM is extending the servers with the very latest and industry-leading POWER6 technology.”

“The goal of solid state has always been faster access to data on these drives compared to spinning disks.”—Ian Jarman, manager, IBM Power Systems software

Tami Deedrick is the former managing editor of IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems edition.



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