Key Questions

What does the provider mean by backup and recovery? Is it just disaster recovery or will I be able to get back individual files?

Is data encrypted? If so how are the keys managed?

When I want data deleted what happens? Is it actually deleted or do they simply delete the encryption keys?

How will you meet data-retention requirements if the data is in the cloud?

What kind of change control and maintenance planning is in use? Do you get proactive notifications of maintenance activities, especially upgrades to software?

What are your key performance indexes? How do you plan to monitor the way you’re being billed and whether service level agreements are being met?

What are your disaster-recovery or failover options? Make sure you understand the implications of different kinds of outages including regional or whole country outages.

Are they using standard APIs or will you be locked in if you move to this provider?

What are your fallback plans in case of a provider outage?

Does the vendor offer solutions to issues such as de-identifying data for trans-border data flow?

Can the movement of data be controlled?


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