Simplifying Signon With Client Access Express

IBM's Client Access Express eliminates the need for users to authenticate themselves to an iSeries system if they've already successfully authenticated themselves to the Windows* environment. With Client Access, users can bypass iSeries logon screens if their iSeries user ID and password match those on their Windows desktop. This article explains how to set up your environment to simplify the end users iSeries logon process.

Setup and Server Configuration
First, you must configure your iSeries systems to allow this type of logon. Next, configure Client Access to instruct it to use your Windows user name and password without prompting you again for your credentials.

To configure your iSeries server to accept a Windows user ID and password, you must set the Remote Sign-On Control system value (QRMTSIGN) to *VERIFY. The default for this parameter is *FRCSIGNON, which requires the user to go through the normal signon procedure when accessing the iSeries from a remote location. Setting the parameter to *VERIFY allows the remote user to bypass the signon display under certain sets of conditions, including when Client Access has been configured to pass the Windows ID and password.

To change QRMTSIGN do the following. Press "Enter" after each step.

  1. Enter WRKSYSVAL SYSVAL(QRMTSIGN) on the command line.
  2. Select Option 2 to change QRMTSIGN.
  3. Specify *VERIFY.

This change takes place immediately.

Configuring Client Access Express
Now you're set to configure the Client Access component-Client Access Express 5.1, in this example. The steps may vary slightly for other Client Access releases.

















Kevin Bohan is the chief technology officer with Proginet Corp., a Garden City, N.Y.-based provider of security software. He can be reached at

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