Resolving the Client Access CWBSY1008 Error Message

The Client Access CWBSY1008 error message may indicate that the QUSER user profiles password has expired. To resolve this, the password needs to be changed and the user profile may need to be enabled. This can be accomplished using the change user profile command:


It's recommended that the value *NONE be used for the password. If your enterprise uses the QUSER profile in such a way that it requires a password, then the password will need to be changed before it expires. Alternatively, the password could be set to never expire by changing the password expiration interval (PWDEXPITV) to *NOMAX.

The CWBSY1008 message also may be displayed when attempting to connect to an iSeries and/or an AS/400 system after a migration from Client Access for Windows 95/NT (5763XD1) to Client Access Express for Windows (5769XE1) V4R4M0. In this scenario, the error may be caused by the Client Access Express migration function incorrectly migrating a language code page value.

To resolve this issue, install the Client Access Express V4R4M0 Service Pack SF57098 or later. Otherwise the circumvention is to change all of the character conversion overrides that may be listing a value of "0" to "Default." These values can be found under the Language tab of Client Access Properties.

If these recommendations do not correct the error, check the Prestart Job QZSOSIGN job log for related error messages that should assist with resolving the less common causes of this problem. In OS/400 V4R4 or above, the QUSRWRK subsystem will be the default location of this job. In V4R3 and below, it is located in the QSYSWRK subsystem.

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