An Overview of the System/36 Environment

The System/36* environment (S36E) is sometimes confused with SSP, the System/36 operating system. The S36E was created for System/36 users who want to incorporate the functions of OS/400* into their familiar computing environment.

Many remaining System/36 customers have recently contacted IBM regarding the S36E, due in part to the facts that the company ended SSP defect support and that OS/400 V4R4 is the last release to support the SSP Guest Machine. The S36E provides customers with an avenue for further support without them needing to make extensive application programming changes.

System/36 applications can be migrated to OS/400 S36E using Migration Assistant. Informational APAR-II09900, "How to Migrate from 7.5/7.1 SSP to S36 Environment," describes the migration process and requirements.

The S36E is a function of OS/400 that processes System/36 operational control language (OCL) statements and other procedure statements to run System/36 applications. It provides function to create, maintain and run System/36 programs, procedures, display formats, message members and menus. The S36E adds function to OS/400 and OS/400 and CL commands are fully operational while using the S36E.

The S36E has configuration options available. The CHGS36A command allows you to change S36E values that include job processing and library list options. Changing these values affects all S36E users.

One notable attribute is, "Allow CHGS36 While Active." To use the CHGS36 command (described in the next paragraph) while users are signed on to the S36E, this attribute must be set to *YES.

















The System/36 Environment provides customers with an avenue for further support without them needing to make extensive application programming changes

Kay Geppert is a senior team member on the IBM iSeries Small Products Support group. She can be reached at

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