You've Got Mail!

Figure 1

Subject: Invoice from Partner400
X-Mailer: IBM Internet Messaging Framework from eServer System
Importance: medium
Priority: non-urgent
Sensitivity: normal

Content-Type: text/plain; charset=US-ASCII
Content-Disposition: inline;

&Name ,

Attached is your invoice dated &Date. Please reply to this email with any questions you may have or phone our Accounts Receivable Department at (555) 123-4567.

Thank you for your business.

Code Sample 1

C                   Eval      ToNameArr(1) = Contact
C                   Eval      ToAddrArr(1) = Email
C                   Eval      ToDistArr(1) = 0   

C                   CallP     MimeDistr(TempFile : ToNameArr:
C                        ;      ToAddrArr : ToDistArr)

Code Sample 2

C                   Eval      TxtVarArr(1) = &Name
C                   Eval      TxtVarArr(2) = &Date
C                   Eval      TxtValArr(1) = Contact
C                   Eval      TxtValArr(2) = %Char(Today)
C                   CallP     MimeUpdTxt(TempFile : EmailTemplate:
C                        ;      TxtVarArr : TxtValArr)

C                   CallP     MimeDistr(TempFile : ToNameArr:
C                        ;      ToAddrArr : ToDistArr)

Other E-Mail Options

The MIME & Mail Utility covered in the accompanying article is by no means the only option available for sending e- mail from your RPG programs. Several alternatives exist, including a number of free options. We've divided these tools are into two basic categories-those that provide a complete system for sending and receiving e-mail and those that just focus on sending e-mail.

(Note: This is by no means a comprehensive list-we have undoubtedly missed some products along the way, particularly in the area of free utilities as many have been published over the years. In addition, many major iSeries software vendors incorporate e-mail options into their packages, but these are outside of the scope of this list.)

Complete Solutions

  • Gumbo Software: GumboMail is a complete e-mail package that complements Gumbo's Report Manager and SpoolMail utilities.
  • Computer Keyes: KeyesMail provides a full e-mail system supporting application, green-screen and browser interfaces to send and receive mail.
  • Inventive Designers: Evergreen/400 is a complete mail system including APIs to allow programs to send and receive e-mail. It also provides a green-screen interface for users that only have terminals.
  • ACOM Solutions: EZeDocs/400 is an e-mail module that provides a complete e-mail system.
  • ASC: Esend allows you to send e-mails using a menu system or directly from the command line or programs. Also incorporates automated FTP facilities. Primarily aimed at document and file distribution.
  • RJS Software Systems: Offers several e-mail related products including GreenMail/400
  • Stalker Software: Communigate-Pro is well known in the UNIX world, but less so in iSeries circles. It not only provides a complete browser based e-mail system, but also supports mailing lists, which offer some interesting alternative approaches to customer support.
  • Net400: NetMail*400 is a green-screen based mail solution. An add-on package, NetAPI*400, provides the additional ability to send and receive e-mails from application programs.
  • Seacrest Business Systems: Deskmaster is designed as a replacement for IBM's defunct OfficeVision/400. It provides a complete iSeries based e-mail solution.

Sending E-mail

  • Broderick Data Systems: E-Mail Utilities provides facilities for the distribution of documents and files via e-mail.
  • Quadrant Software: E-Mail Gateways is a document distribution system.
  • BVS Tools: The latest version of BVS' MAILTOOL allows the use of any SMTP mail server, thereby allowing the use of existing distribution lists.
  • UZAEMON: The SNDM utility is a freeware tool that can be used to send e-mails. Several related tools are also available from the Web site.
  • Sun Microsystems: JavaMail is a free tool that runs on the iSeries server and any other Java-capable platform. The Java support added to RPG IV in V5R1 allows this tool to be used directly from RPG programs Several people have also produced RPG interfaces to this package; click here, here and here.
  • DRV Technologies Inc: SpoolFlex is a set of products that provide many facilities, including support for sending and receiving e-mail. However, their primary focus is the conversion and distribution of reports to PDF, XLS, CSV, XML, RTF, HTM, TXT and e-mail with native AS/400 software.

Jon Paris is a technical editor with IBM Systems Magazine and co-owner of Partner400.

Susan Gantner is a technical editor with IBM Systems Magazine and co-owner of Partner400.

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