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TEMBOians reflect on 25 years on IBM i technology and innovation

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The history of TEMBO employees goes back to the early 1980s, the days of the System/3, System/34, System/36, System/38 and later the AS/400* server. These were the days of easy-to-use computers that came preintegrated with hardware, software, operating system, database and a multitude of applications to choose from. We were there.

As the AS/400 and iSeries* systems became more powerful, they too became more secure and resilient. Technologies were developed to deliver high availability in clustered and partitioned environments. We are fortunate to have played a part, contributing toward the development of high-availability solutions like CATS, an AS/400 clustering and partitioning technology for midrange systems. We thrived in this environment, developing the technology into a successful commercial proposition. We lectured and consulted to companies around the world on systems management, high availability and application resilience, because we lived it.

In 2008, TEMBO Technology Lab, an IBM Business Partner, was founded to focus exclusively on the development of IBM i enterprise modernization solutions for legacy database migration to DB2* SQL. With a development team encompassing more than 300 man years on Power Systems* and their architecture, TEMBO’s flagship product, Adsero Optima (AO), was launched. TEMBO leveraged its core strengths in SQL (DB2) improvement, design recovery, business process improvement, business agility, service-oriented architecture, software as a service, and mobile and cloud computing. The company’s RPG and DB2 skills became recognized worldwide: Strategic modernization workshops were in demand, and so was our involvement in the IBM Academic Initiative to address skills shortages in the industry.

TEMBO’s Adsero Optima (AO) is considered unique in its field, enabling organizations to modernize and extend the life of legacy applications on IBM i for many years to come on IBM Power Systems or PureSystems*. Yes! The PureSystems platform, the next-generation, easy-to-use, expert-integrated system, prepackaged with hardware, software, choice of operating systems and hypervisors offers security, resiliency and with a multitude of applications to choose from! Sound familiar?

Proven! Still glad we’re here!


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Case study: Learn why Cape Gate decided to migrate and modernize rather than replace its IBM i system, resulting in costs that equated to just 18 percent of the total replacement costs. (link not active)

TEMBO Technology Lab
TEMBO headquarters: +27-11-465-5701
Americas: inFORM Decisions, (800) 858-5544
Founder, current principal: Marinus Van Sandwyk
Year founded: 2008

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