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Quadrant Software

Quadrant Software’s mission: be nimble and agile, listen and implement

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Quadrant Software was founded in April 1990 with a vision of streamlining business processes and meeting the needs of a constantly evolving business market. From the beginning, Quadrant Software has been an IBM Advanced Business Partner, which has been the integral catalyst in Quadrant’s industry-leading software solutions.

The company’s flagship product, FastFax, revolutionized the graphical interface of the AS/400* platform. The FastFax solution was designed on three modules: end-user interface, API and the extractor interface. The API module processes commands in a spool file,where the extractor interface extracts fax numbers and other pertinent data. In turn, customers received an organized, neat and modernized interface over their screen.

More than 20 years later, Quadrant Software remains focused on its mission to provide user-friendly and business-efficient solutions. Under the leadership of CEO and President Steve Woodard, Quadrant Software has developed a suite of document output management solutions and applications that are meeting today’s business challenges and are all easily integrated into today’s enterprise.

John Clark, vice president of engineering, led the design of Quadrant Software’s most versatile bridging application, QuadraConnector, which connects QuadraDocV5 (Quadrant’s latest document routing virtual appliance) to any industry-leading ERP platform, including SAP, Sage, Epicor and TOTVS. In addition, QuadraConnector has the ability to integrate QuadraDocV5 with any unique platform environment (outside of the mainstream ERP platforms) with minor custom engineering at the point of installation, in turn making strides to meet the needs of modern business practices and supporting the expansion of virtualized environments running on thousands of different IT infrastructures.

Quadrant Software’s partnership with IBM remains strong after 20 long years. The goal to provide solutions that are compatible with any IT environment is seen as a way to expand business partnerships that can achieve true enterprise solutions.

Quadrant Software
(508) 594-2700
Current principal: Steve Woodard, CEO and president
Year founded: 1990

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