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For decades, electronic data interchange (EDI) transactions have been critical to companies’ order-to-cash cycle. With the IBM AS/400* server, and later with IBM i, EDI data is more securely translated to and from applications within thousands of companies around the globe. The year following the launch of the AS/400, Pennsylvania-based software developer EXTOL International recognized the platform to be robust and secure for EDI integration. This led to the development of the EXTOL EDI Integrator (EEI) solution, which allowed businesses to rapidly transition external partner EDI data with internal applications and data.

“Our original design principle around EEI was to build an extensible set of applications so that we wouldn’t have to rebuild it for each trading partner’s needs,” says Tony Baran, co-founder and CEO of EXTOL. “The code was built with lots of capability to handle the different requirements of a variety of trading partners and to present a unified data set to the back-end applications.”

The AS/400 server gave EEI the advantage for deeper integration with existing applications than was possible with any other platform at the time. Because of the server’s reliability, EEI was able to efficiently manage a higher load of EDI integration processes and provide customers with extensive visibility through reports, event triggers, messaging and dashboards.

As an IBM Business Partner for more than 20 years, EXTOL has continuously updated its integration solutions beyond EDI translation while continuing to support a wide variety of IBM i and compatible hardware and operating system versions.

“We saw EDI as an application-to-application exchange in whatever format our AS/400, iSeries* customers wanted,” says Baran. “What we have done is take our product to the point where we are agnostic with regard to the data formats.”

Today, along with its EEI product, EXTOL has developed the EXTOL Business Integrator (EBI), a Java* technology-based application that can be installed on IBM i (and on i5/OS*). EBI allows businesses to translate EDI, flat files, XML, spreadsheets and other formats, and is flexible to handle any B2B, application-to-application, data or cloud integration project.

EXTOL continues to release EEI and EBI product updates for their customers running on the IBM i platform and is proud to continue its long IBM business partnership.

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EXTOL International
(570) 628-5500
Founder, current principal: Tony Baran, co-founder and CEO
Year founded: 1989

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