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X-Analysis Keeps Pace With Modern IBM i Applications

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“The inspiration for X-Analysis 25 years ago was to help both analysts and programmers productively maintain and develop large complex applications written in RPG or COBOL,” says Mark Tregear, CEO and founder of Databorough. “By also listening carefully to modern developers’ needs, we have managed to dig much deeper into legacy application designs with our tools and provide them assets that help seed modern development, rather than dominate it. Our latest version (X-Analysis 10) is exciting, because it empowers modern and legacy developers and architects with the power and investment value represented by legacy designs, without compromising on the strategic values provided by modern development paradigms such as SOA and MVC. Modern languages are now analyzed too.”

While legacy application designs in their entirety might not suit a modern application implementation, proven designs and algorithms are often suitable, as long they can be reused at a sufficiently high level without introducing complexity to the redeveloped application. The primary problem is harvesting this valuable knowledge from the entire legacy code while still keeping pace with development.

X-Analysis 10 automatically analyzes the entire code base of the system in a batch extraction process. A highly detailed map of the entire application is built, including designs, business rules and data models, derived programmatically from the code. An Eclipse-based graphical and interactive UI is provided to the prebuilt repository. This solves a secondary problem of making this application knowledge easily and readily available to all stakeholders. In a modern IBM i shop, analysts, testers, management, architects and modern developers all actively participate in the ongoing evolution of these mission-critical applications. Legacy application knowledge is a critical requirement for their effectiveness.

“Features are continually added that solve specific and generic problems faced daily by IBM i shops,” says Stuart Milligan, vice president for special projects at Databorough and author of the IBM Redbook “Modernizing and Improving the Maintainability of RPG Applications Using X-Analysis.”

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White paper: Visual Guide to Business Rules Reuse Visit to download the white paper. Enhance or modernize your legacy applications today.

(800) 605-5023
Founder: Mark Tregear
Year founded: 1987

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