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COMMON- A Users Group

A Power Systems Users Group and Professional Association for Members, by Members

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COMMON - A Users Group for several decades has been an integral part of the Power Systems* community. With education, certification, industry advocacy, charity and networking initiatives, many COMMON members have grown up and developed their education and careers with one another. With nurturing the needs of the community a primary concern, the organization has quickly become an industry leader in business computing, peer education, and individual and company networking to create opportunities and relationships to last a lifetime for its members.

As a professional association, COMMON’s essence is supporting its members. Impassioned users in the community who have for many years reaped the benefits of COMMON often volunteer their knowledge and skills to give back to the future generation of Power Systems users and their colleagues, participating in COMMON’s digital initiatives as well as speaking and teaching at COMMON’s annual events: Annual Meeting and Exposition, IT Executive Conference and Fall Conference. These events provide access to hundreds of educational sessions from industry experts and IBMers, leading exhibitors and companies of the latest innovations, technologies and solutions around, and opportunities to network professionally and socially.

COMMON’s mission—to foster leadership and facilitate networking and career opportunities with industry leaders and career success—has resulted in the implementation of several unique enterprises.

COMMON.Connect—an educational bimonthly and interactive digital publication that focuses on delivering the latest editorial content from Power Systems experts, COMMON leaders and members—commands an audience of thousands.

Exclusive webcasts, webinars and virtual labs allow members to gain in-depth knowledge of specific topics and learn at their own pace.

The Career Center allows potential employers to search for employees and for employees to directly and confidentially apply specifically to companies in the field for the best possible match.

Certifications recognized by companies and written by experts allow professionals as well as students to gauge their knowledge with business computing and ILE RPG exams to directly improve their career and earning potential.

With these efforts and several more, COMMON is an organization that prides itself on independent education, advocacy and relations void of any commercial or corporate bias. COMMON is a community of groups and individuals with a passion for learning, sharing their knowledge and developing themselves. Join us.

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COMMON - A Users Group
(800) 777-6734
8770 W. Bryn Mawr Ave., Suite 1350 Chicago, IL 60631
Year founded: 1960

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