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System i Developer; Newton, N.J.

AT A GLANCE: System i Developer announces the availability of a new and expanded version of its popular quick reference guide for users of Remote System Explorer (RSE). The guide is offered as a no-charge download.

DETAILS: The guide consolidates 46 useful keyboard shortcuts on one page and presents them in a format that makes it easy for developers to find them at a glance. The reverse side features tips on customizing RSE to improve productivity. All of the shortcuts and tips included work with RSE version 7 in WebSphere* Studio Development Client and the newer Rational* Developer for i development environment. With this release, the guide offers 10 new keyboard shortcuts, including how to open and close context menus without a mouse, how to split your screen in the source editor to have two views of the same source member, and how to navigate to specific spots within your code, such as the top or bottom of the source, or to or from subroutines and subprocedures. These new shortcuts join 36 previous favorites.


PRICE: No charge

PHONE: 1-866-716-5409




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