Product Review: DTT1000 from Ohio Data Transfer

Couple multilanguage support with the products e-mail feature, and a caller could leave a voicemail, which is e-mailed to a translator who then could play the voicemail (saved as a WAV file that could be played on any PCs sound card). Pretty slick.

Now, there are a few drawbacks that Ohio Data Transfer is addressing. Specifically the product can't actually read a line of text and speak it to you in words. If the field comes back as "Blue Gizmoids," it will spell it for you, or you must code some script logic to have your .wavs speak the words. It does, however, speak numbers, (i.e., 400 is spoken as "four hundred"). The vendor is aware of this need and working on it.

Also, the product is conversely limited to touch-tone input versus voice commands. It's not quite Star Trek yet, but my guess is that it isn't far away.

Support folks knew the product really well, once it was installed. They did a nice job of walking me through the configs and setup and providing some examples to get me going more quickly. Matter of fact, support was so gung ho about the product that I couldn't get them off the line after I was finished with my final product walkthroughs. That's a sign of a good tech-support area.

I wish they'd have told me more of what was going on in the installation process before I received the preconfigured server, but once it arrived, the tech-support folks rocked.

What I'd Like to See in the Next Release

  • Enhanced speech engine to pronounce words and sentences versus spelling them
  • Script-coding samples in the manuals
  • Voice command recognition versus phone touch pad would allow faster communication
  • Progress indicators in the installation routines so you can see whats being done and how far along you are on the install. Most of you will get your stuff preinstalled so this won't be a concern.

This product works nicely, and it's as easy to use as they say it is-maybe even easier.

I really liked DTT1000. Sure, I had a bit of a struggle getting things going, but once that server came in, it was smooth sailing. I think this is one of the nicest and potentially most useful additions to AS/400 technology since fax cards.

Don Rima has more than 20 years of experience with IBM midrange systems. Don can be reached at

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