Trinity Guard Releases TGSecure Version 1.8

HOUSTON –July 2018--Trinity Guard announces the availability of TGSecure version 1.8. TGSecure provides network security and access escalation management for IBM i servers. With TGSecure, administrators can monitor application access through exit points (i.e., ODBC, FTP, or TELNET) and also sockets. TGSecure makes it easy to implement detailed user-access privilege models that ensure users can perform necessary, role-specific, calendar-specific, business tasks without compromising network security or introducing vulnerabilities.

TGSecure 1.8 contains the following new features: Resource Manager, User Profile Management, and Inactive Session Lockdown.

Resource Manager

The Resource Manager allows you to manage object-level and Integrated Files System (IFS) security using authority schemas. Think of an authority schema as a template that defines authority best practices. Once you create an authority schema, you can use it to evaluate and modify the authority levels of multiple users.

Inactive Session Lockdown

The Inactive Session Lockdown (ISL) feature allows you to customize how and when to end a user's session or lock a user's session when the system detects user inactivity for a specified duration (which is defined by an ISL rule).  For security purpose, an inactive session has the potential to expose the system to unauthorized access and abuse. 

User Profile Management

The Profile Manager allows you to manage user profiles using blueprints. Think of a blueprint as template that defines user profile best practices. Once you create a blueprint, you can use it to evaluate, create, or modify user profiles. 


Network Security Module now includes TELNET Auto Signon controls

Download: To download the product and for more information go to

Support: TG products are supported 24/7 by a global support team with representatives in North America, Europe, South America, and Asia.



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