Trinity Guard Releases Network-Security Product TGSecure

HOUSTON --Dec. 1, 2017--Trinity Guard today announced the availablity of TGSecure, which provides network security and access escalation management for IBM i with custom rules.

 With TGSecure, users can monitor application access coming through exit points such as ODBC, FTP, or TELNET plus sockets. Users can implement user-access privilege models that support corporate operations without compromising security.

Key Features:

  • Monitor network transactions at the socket layer as well as the application layer
  • Create granular rules at the object level (native and IFS)
  • Create granular high-privilege user entitlements
  • Manage rules using groups (user, network, object)
  • Rule creation intelligence engine that helps you create more effective rules
  • Integrated reporting engine that allows you to easily customize network reporting and produce report outputs in HTML, CSV, and XML formats

More information can be found online here. (



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