Syncsort Announces Additions to IBM i Security Products

On Tue. 7/24, Syncsort, who helps companies organize their data, is announcing new additions to their IBM i security products to help IT leaders streamline GDPR compliance and strengthen password security with multi-factor authentication.


GDPR is a high priority for any organization that stores, processes or otherwise uses data relating to EU citizens. And according to a recent survey, 52% of IBM Power System users say they’ll focus security investments this year on compliance auditing and reporting. Additionally, 28% of respondents said they anticipate growing regulatory complexity as a security challenge in the coming year.


The new capabilities help solve those challenges by:

  • Simplifying GDPR Compliance: Syncsort’s Cilasoft Compliance and Security Suite for IBM i and  Enforcive® Enterprise Security Suite help organizations address security auditing and control policies and accelerate and maintain compliance with GDPR.
  • Strengthening Password Security with Multi-Factor Authentication: To help organizations improve the IBM i security, Syncsort has delivered the RSA-certified Cilasoft Reinforced Authentication Manager for IBM i (RAMi). RAMi’s rules engine facilitates the set-up of multi-factor authentication screens and supports the “four eyes principle” of supervised changes to sensitive data.



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