S4Software Announces New Release of Secure4Access

San Diego, California - S4Software is pleased to announce a major new release of Secure4Access
providing full account management integration with LDAP and Microsoft’s Active Directory. With
installations around the world since the first release in 1991, Secure4Access has become the premier
Unix/Linux account, access and password management software.

Recognizing the requirement for seamless user account, privilege and access control to enhance critical
security management across disparate computer systems, Secure4Access now features transparent
integration between Unix/Linux and Microsoft Windows servers. Users do not need to worry about
maintaining different accounts and passwords for different applications, and system managers have a
single point for user management without the headaches in dealing with heterogeneous computer

“While there are various existing approaches and products for integrating Unix/Linux and Windows
users,” said Peter Walsall, CEO of S4Software, “given the inherent complexities in managing systems
based on differing security models, there is still a need for a product which effectively hides those
differences without adding needless complexity and/or compromising overall security. Secure4Access
has been proven to provide seamless, scalable security solutions for over 25 years, now with Active
Directory integration, IT management has a powerful tool to ease their security burden.”
Customers with active Secure4Access gold level support or higher are eligible for free upgrades.
Discounts are available for all other customers. Evaluation copies are available upon request.



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