Raz-Lee Security Releases i Twitter Solution, Other Enhancements

Raz-Lee Security, a global vendor of security solutions for systems running IBM i, recently made several announcements about several product enhancements and a new Twitter solution. 

The company has added full Unicode (UTF-16, UCS-2) to its SOX- and PCI- compliant file editor, FileScope, to comply with the prevalent international standard. The support encompasses all FileScope facilities including substring, scan and subset functions. 

Raz-Lee Security also introduced a solution for multisystem and multi-LPAR environments. The solution, integrated into the iSecurity line of products, is designed to help synchronized system values among different systems running IBM i while allowing for exceptions as needed in production, test or development environments. It includes: 

Replication, which duplicates user profiles including passwords and other user-profile definitions, as well as system values, from one system or LPAR to another, and synchronizes all parameters such as user authorities in all systems 

A compliance evaluator, which compares compliance of different systems or LPARs 

Centralized reporting to reference and collect data from several systems or LPARs and create reports in merged or individual format 

SYSLOG, or the ability to interface with all leading security event management 

Central administration, which exports and imports product definitions and logs between different systems 

Additionally, all iSecurity products now support SYSLOG real-time monitoring. SYSLOG sends events from various facilities running i (such as logs and message systems) to remote security information and event management servers and enables the system administrator to categorize events according to a range of severities. It lets the user decide under which conditions the system should send a SYSLOG message, choose the IP address of the SYSLOG server, the facility from which the message is sent, the severity range, the recipients, and whether the SYSLOG message should contain all events from iSecurity Firewall or only rejected entries. 

Finally, Raz-Lee also released iTweet, a product enabling instant messaging over Twitter for platforms running IBM i. Messages may include event information, message queues, alerts on changes, deletes or reads, emergency changes in user authorities, IFS viruses detected, field-level changes to data and even VIEW of predefined unreadable data object deletion. The tool provides a bidirectional interface between Twitter and i, so users can reply to system, for example when an error/inquiry message appears. To adapt to Twitter's limit of 100 messages per hour, the iSecurity SYSLOG assigns security levels to each message to decide which messages to send.



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