LaserVault SAVSmart Instantly Solves IBM i Tape Backup Woes For The SME

(Tulsa, OK) – With resources stretched and budgets finite, small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) need every working hour to count. Inefficient processes, such as using physical tape for data protection can be an unnecessary strain on those already limited resources. SMEs using tape for their IBM i (iSeries, AS/400, System i) data protection can now work smarter by automating their backup process with LaserVault Backup SAVSmart for i from Electronic Storage Corporation, makers of LaserVault Backup and Recovery solutions.


Enterprise businesses that have remote locations using IBM i systems on-site for local backups, such as large retailers with brick-and-mortar stores, can now forgo dealing with physical tape at each location and replace it with SAVSmart. This makes the backup process significantly easier to manage and operate for the operator who is on-site, as well as the ability for the backup process to be monitored from the company’s main IT department.


SAVSmart is a turn-key backup appliance designed for easy setup and execution. The solution includes the newest version of the LaserVault Backup software pre-installed and connects to the IBM i using an Ethernet connection. Users access the SAVSmart control panel via the free convertible Windows tablet provided. Or the user can control the system from their existing laptop. Also included is SAVSYSLV, a software module that enables full system saves without tape.


SAVSmart can store up to 8TB of compressed backups and runs up to 277 GB/hour, faster than most tape drives.


The solution comes with a free DVD writer and two 2TB external drives for data backup and a second copy that can be taken offsite. The system is shipped complete and configured remotely with the assistance of LaserVault’s experienced solutions engineers.


“The SAVSmart system will help the SME cut IT costs and reduce data risk. The complete solution is designed specifically to work with their IBM i system so they can be confident their backups are secure. Plus it removes all the problems and worries for them that are inherent with using tape,” states Brad Jensen, CEO of ESC/LaserVault.


SAVSmart is tailored specifically to help the SME that is currently using tape and is backing up anywhere from 10GB to 400GB per day. Switching to SAVSmart will save users time and effort, and help save their data in case of any disaster. The SAVSmart plug-and-play design makes it easy for any business to replace tape. (For IBM i shops backing up more than 400GB per day, LaserVault offers the Universal Backup Device (UBD) for IBM i.)


The LaserVault Backup software uses IBM i commands similar to tape backup commands so it is a process familiar to existing personnel eliminating difficult training curves.

Because backups are automated, employers no longer need to pay overtime to employees who have to stay late to perform manual tape backups. And salaried employees benefit by no longer having to babysit tape backups. The ROI for the SAVSmart system should be apparent in the time savings alone and in most cases it should pay for itself almost immediately through reduced payroll and overtime. In addition, businesses will feel better knowing their backup process is consistently being completed.


“Investing in tapeless backup is now a no-brainer” says Jensen. “For small to medium-sized businesses, SAVSmart gives them a way to easily automate their backup process without interrupting their day-to-day business. When they receive the appliance, it is ready to go. They plug SAVSmart into their IBM i and we work with them via remote access to do the initial software setup. That same day they can be backing up their data to SAVSmart. No longer do they need to deal with the hassle of using tape.”


“We’ve taken our proven LaserVault Backup software and packaged it specifically for the SME to meet their backup requirements. When it comes to their IT efforts, SAVSmart gives the SME manager the opportunity to work smarter, not harder when it comes to their data protection.”


LaserVault SAVSmart will be available September 1, 2016. Pricing starts at $2875. For details email or call 800-444-6283, ext. 1. A reseller program is available.



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