LaserVault Offers SaaS for D2D Backup System for iSeries

(Tulsa, OK)  April 15, 2013 – For the first time ever, LaserVault® is making its LaserVault Backup (LVB) disk to disk (D2D) software available as SaaS (software as a service).  When companies who use iSeries® systems and backup their data to tape consider changing to D2D instead of tape, they often remain with tape when faced with two main issues.  One is an “expected complexity” of the D2D implementation, and second is the anticipated cost.  This is true even when they may be experiencing the additional costs of managing tape backups, as well as the potential vulnerability of tape as a media, when compared with disk to disk.


The LVB system with the new SaaS solution addresses both of these issues.  In regards to an “expected complex” implementation, LaserVault took the challenge head-on and developed their LVB software specifically for iSeries® systems, with small to medium-sized businesses in mind.  LVB runs on the Windows-based server, uses a TCP/IP connection, and it works by using a software library installed on the iSeries that implements SAVLIBLV, SAVOBJLV, SAV, SAVDLOLV, SAVCFGLV commands.  This is a large part of what makes LVB easy to implement and to use.  Because these commands are very similar to current IBM commands the learning curve for IT Staff is minimal. 


LVB runs on a Windows server platform to provide backup and restore functions to the iSeries.  A virtual tape library (VTL), which can be costly, is not required with LVB.  LVB does not use save files on the iSeries.  Backups can be completely automated, saving valuable time for IT staff, and the backed up files can be copied for offsite backup or restored to the iSeries quickly, again, saving time and giving IT the ability to respond to data requests effectively without waiting for tapes to be restored, for even for them to be transported back to the main facility if they were located off-site.   This seamless integration with iSeries® systems makes LVB easy to implement allowing users the ability to get it in place with virtually zero downtime, a critical factor when deciding to move from tape.  Everything about LVB makes it iSeries worthy. 


According to Steve Tuscher, Director of IT, Grocery Outlet, CA, a current LVB customer, “Laservault is simple to install and easy use.  It consists of a library installed on the AS/400 and software that can run on any Windows PC or server… After the software was installed we simply changed our nightly backup from a series of savlib commands to savliblv and we were done…The solution is as fast as our tape drive but much more reliable.  It’s also much faster and easier to restore files without having to mess with tapes.”


The second issue that typically comes into play when considering whether to make the move from tape backups to D2D, is the usual high cost involved.  Most D2D systems require a steep upfront investment that usually requires multiple management approvals and sign-offs, often resulting in users choosing to stay with their current tape solution.  Unlike most other D2D systems, LVB is affordable to start with, and the SaaS offer it becomes even more so.  With LaserVault making its software available on a “pay as you go” option it is well in reach of virtually all iSeries users.  This is a win-win for users who want to move to D2D but may not have it budgeted.


Brad Jensen, President of Electronic Storage Corporation, the makers of LVB, states:  “As with all of our products, LVB was designed to be easy to use from start to finish.  I have often heard from our customers that they were amazed at how truly simple it was to implement and to use, with one customer recently commenting that LVB is ‘the best kept secret’ in backup systems.” 


Jensen adds, “As more people become tired of the inherent hassles of daily, weekly, and monthly tape backups, LVB provides an affordable option to move to disk to disk without making a large upfront investment.  We are grateful for the opportunity to be able to offer the SaaS option to iSeries users who might not otherwise be able to move to disk backup instead of tape.”


As with all companies, needs change, as do systems.   One feature that is often overlooked when comparing disk to disk backup solutions is the long-term accessibility of the data once it is stored.  Because LVB saves the data in the original tape image, all information backed-up with LVB will always be able to be restored, regardless of whether the user is continuing to use the SaaS solution.  Always being able to retrieve stored data is reassuring to companies when considering the move to D2D.

Electronic Storage Corporation is a provider of affordable and easy to use software since 1989.  Their products include:  UBD, LaserVault Backup, LaserVault DMS, and LaserVault Report Management and are used by small to large organizations, including financial institutions, transportation businesses, manufacturers, Fortune 1000 companies , and state and local governments.



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