LaserVault® Announces UBD™ Universal Backup Device

(Tulsa, OK)  April 1, 2013 – For businesses that use an IBM® iSeries® system and are struggling with managing the process and all that’s entailed for backing up and storing data through tape media, LaserVault®’s UBD™ Universal Backup Device now offers a seamless solution with an ease of use and implementation rarely seen in today’s world of technological advancements.  

Electronic Storage Corporate (ESC), the developer of the UBD system, credits the use of a Fibre Channel connection as a key component to the success of the system.  Basically, UBD “fools” the AS400 into thinking it’s a tape, providing a scalable backup and storage option that is fully integrated with the existing system.  By using the standard iSeries® tape backup commands there is virtually no staff training required and very little downtime for installation of the UBD system.  UBD can also be used as a gateway device to store backups on a NAS, SAN or any deduplication appliance that supports CIFS, NFS or iSCSI connections; such as Exagrid®,  Netapp®, GreenBytes®, Quantum®, etc.

According to Keith Leonhardt, Vice President of Viewpoint Bank, “I couldn't be more pleased with our LaserVault (UBD) solution.  Not only is it fast, it's easy to use.  The web interface is great and the installation was painless.  We were told it would just emulate a tape drive when we turned it on, and that's exactly what happened.  Other than showing the operators the web interface, there was no training because we just use the normal iSeries save/restore commands.”

“The fact that UBD is so easy to install and so easy to use makes it a ‘must have’ backup system improvement for companies currently using tape.  It is affordable and the cost easily justifiable when a company looks at the value of its data and the expense involved with maintaining the manual process of tape backups,” states Brad Jensen, ESC’s President.  He adds that, “Unlike tapes, UBD doesn’t care how much data there is; it is fully scalable to meet any storage needs.  The best way to understand UBD’s capabilities is to see it in action.”

Since 1989, Electronic Storage Company has been offering software solutions known for being robust, easy to use, and competitively priced.  Their products include:  UBD, LaserVault Backup, LaserVault DMS, and LaserVault Report Management and are used by small to large organizations, including financial institutions, transportation businesses, manufacturers, Fortune 1000 companies , and state and local governments.



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