Exploring More RPGUI

New functionality for the open-source solution

New functionality for the open-source solution

In my first article about the new open-source RPGUI framework, I went through the complete setup and configuration process to the point where you had a working example that was pulling data from the IBM i and displaying it in an Ext JS data grid.

This part 2 article will take the RPGUI framework to the next level by including some additional functionality, encapsulating some functionality, introducing the process of sending data back to the server and expounding on the raw contents of the HTTP transmission. You can find the next version of RPGUI, containing all the necessary IFS files and RPG source code, on my Web site. File corresponds to this article.

At a high level, our task is to display a contact information form to the users. After they load a record into it from the server, we’ll then submit form changes back to the server. The form, shown in Figure 1, was built using the FormPanel Ext JS UI component.

Aaron Bartell is Director of IBM i Innovation for Krengel Technology Inc. and an IBM Champion.

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