Smarter Computing With Rational Power Tools

IBM Rational Developer for Power Systems Software is a family of software development tools that afford proven benefits of increased developer productivity and skills transferability. For a full use case, see “Sky High.” Until now, one could have accurately described it as an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) optimized for developing on Power Systems technology. However, new capabilities just introduced extend it into something more: an integrated development, optimization and porting environment, if you will.

With Rational Developer for Power you can do your development work in both server-connected and disconnected modes. While connected, the tools are integrated with the server-side optimizing IBM compilers for the various Power and PureSystems operating systems and languages, as well as with server-side explorer and debugger services. Supported languages include:

  • RPG, COBOL, DDS, CL, and C/C++ on IBM i
  • C/C++ on Linux
  • C/C++ and COBOL on AIX
  • EGL
  • HATS macros and scripting
  • Java, Services and Web development for distributed platforms including AIX, Linux (on Power or x86), and Windows as well as for various mobile OS

Among the tools historically included as part of the IBM Rational Developer for Power family are Remote System Explorers (for connecting to IBM i, AIX or Linux on Power servers and doing server-side file management and searching), language-aware editors and refactoring agents, debuggers (including server-side agents), and application analysis.

Melanie Steckham is an information developer with IBM Rational Software.

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