Storm Warnings


Once the system was up and running and all of the PCs had been networked, the company quickly went back to work. Even Cummings, who admits that he rarely deals with customers face to face, pitched in, knowing that policyholders had their own disasters from which to recover. "A lot of them were just happy to have someone to talk to in the aftermath of the hurricane," he says.


Although the AS/400 server has been operational since its successful, post-Ivan rebooting, Cummings took the precaution of purchasing an iSeries 820 server in response to possible long-term damage to the older system. "You never know what water can do to electronic circuitry," he points out. "But really, this may have been a blessing in disguise because this new system is much faster than the previous one."


Reading the Clouds

With the rehabilitation of British Caymanian Insurances storm-devastated building well underway, Cummings has begun to look toward the future, deciding, for example, not to have the company occupy the first level of the structure. He has also contacted IBM Global Services to discuss additional ways to help the company quickly recover from any other possible disasters.


"I've been talking with them about what they have to offer in terms of this happening again to one of the companies in our group," Cummings says, "because the one thing I've learned throughout all of this is that when you're faced with a disaster of this magnitude, you can lose everything; you can lose your building, you can lose your equipment, you can lose your data. The question is, how do you recover from it."



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