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The IBM Rational Software Delivery Platform helps manage application lifecycles for on-time delivery.

The IBM Rational Software Delivery Platform helps manage application lifecycles for on-time delivery.
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Team Collaboration

The IBM Rational team has been working on a new technology for team collaboration called Jazz*. The open-source extensible Eclipse platform was developed to allow for the integration of software development tools in a single IDE. One intention of Jazz is to similarly define an open-commercial platform that can foster the integration of team tools. Software development teams use a diverse set of disconnected or loosely connected team tools—for source control, problem reporting, executing builds, tracking test results, scheduling activities, communicating with team members, etc. Jazz is a platform that can tie these capabilities together.

The first product being released based on Jazz technology is IBM Rational Team Concert. Team Concert will have a team server to consolidate assets and coordinate activities, as well as a client that can plug into your Eclipse-based IDE. It’s highly configurable and customizable.

You can customize your own development processes, team roles and permissions for those team roles. You can customize types of work items (e.g., defects, enhancements, tasks) your team uses, the stages of progression and approval for those work items. You can create parallel lines of development (e.g., maintenance, new development), schedule stages for your development lifecycle, assign work items to members of your team and balance their workloads. You can manage source changes, associate these change sets with work items and easily merge source changes that conflict with other changes being delivered.

You can schedule and submit builds, and receive build reports that include information on the exact version of all source used for that build and which work items and source changes were integrated for the build. You can customize queries of work items and reports to illustrate trends for tracking the project’s health and how well the team is tracking to the plan. Figure 1 shows a screen shot of the Team Concert Eclipse-based IDE.

Team Concert also has a Web UI, so other members of the team can access the team repository to query or update work items, view reports, etc., with a simple URL. Whether you’re using the Web UI or an Eclipse-based client, this allows for a high degree of linkability to make it easier to navigate the relationships among plans, work items, source changes and other team artifacts.

Team Concert also has multiple team communications features, including e-mail notifications for assignments and approvals, team news feeds and instant messaging.

To learn more about the progress of Jazz technology and Rational products based on it, visit the Jazz project Web site (

Music to Your Ears

All of this functionality should be music to your ears. IBM Rational provides solutions to support the broad management of the application-development lifecycle on i. IBM RDi supports the core development tasks for RPG, COBOL and other i developers. IBM Rational ClearCase and IBM Rational ClearQuest help with change and release management. Several quality-assurance solutions for automated and manual testing exist as well as Web application load testing. All of this, plus future announcements on team collaboration with Jazz tech-nology, can really jazz up your application-development lifecycle and help team members harmonize.

Kushal Munir has been a software developer at the IBM Toronto lab since 2001. Kushal can be reached at

Sean Babineau joined the IBM Toronto lab in 1992. He’s worked in various roles in development and management, on compilers as well as numerous application-development tools for i. He’s leading a project to deliver the next generation of IBM Rational’s team collaboration tools to i programmers.

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