Network Server Storage Spaces in an IBM i PowerHA Environment

PowerHA can help provide continuous processing for information in storage spaces

PowerHA can help provide continuous processing for information in storage spaces

IBM i hardware-based high-availability (HA) environments allow users and applications to operate without disruption so vital information or applications can be available any time. Today, providing continuous processing for information in storage spaces has become essential. Network server storage spaces are virtual disks created in IBM i and managed by integrated servers (Windows*, Linux* and VMware installed on i).

Often, those who require high availability need a combination of specific services, software and hardware. It can be complex to manage it all. It’s important to identify the problems you want to address and decide on the level of availability you need and can afford.

Let’s explore three PowerHA* concepts: clustering, cross-site mirroring (XSM) and independent auxiliary storage pools (IASPs).

Information about a NWSSTG can be kept consistent across a cluster’s nodes by having CAD monitor the resource.

Jose Delgado Briones is a former IBM developer who worked in projects related to integrated-server support and TCP/IP applications for IBM i at IBM Mexico.

Mar’a Elena Valladares is a complex solutions engineer for IBM Cluster 1350 at IBM Mexico. She worked for five years as integrated-server and CAD tester and test lead.

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