Discover the 8 New Toys in Domino Server 8.5.3

Discover the 8 New Toys in Domino Server 8.5.3

3. Full Text Index Enhancements

Being able to perform full text searches in Domino is a critical core function. The storage of those full text (.ft) directories however can become a burden. If you’re running out of disk space and want a simple way to offload some data, you can now move your full text indexes to another location. This could be a separate ASP or SAN. The new notes.ini parameter FTBasePath enables this feature. Set this parameter equal to the location where you want to store the indexes. You can then run updall –f to update the full text index. For example, to rollout this feature, you’d issue the following commands at the Domino console:

Set config ftbasepath=/Domino1/FullText
Load updall –f

Once these commands are executed, the full text indexes will be moved to the alternate location.

4. Mail Policy Enhancements

A new setting in the mail settings document gives administrators better control over user’s Internet mail security. Find the parameter called ‘List of trusted web sites for images in MIME format’ on the Basics tab of the security settings document. Administrators can specify web sites they know are trusted so end users aren’t prompted to trust images when associated with the websites listed, as shown in Figure 2.

5. iNotes and Mobile Security Enhancements

Additional security enhancements for Web users control whitelisting attachment types that can be directly opened for iNotes users. The variable iNotes_WA_Sec_AttachCDWhiteList indicates the attachment types that are considered safe and acceptable. For example, to whitelist .jpg, .gif, .bmp and .pdf files, add the following variable to the server’s notes.ini file:


By whitelisting safe attachment types, end users benefit with a better experience while still allowing administrators control over the types of file that are acceptable for users to directly open.

Similar controls are available in 8.5.3 for mobile devices. The variable iNotes_WA_MobileReadAttachments affects attachment download controls. When this variable is set, any attachments of the types specified will be opened directly. This is a definite convenience for the end users, as they’re not required to download then open the file. For example, if administrators want users to be able to automatically open .pdf and .gif attachments, they’d set the following variable in the server’s notes.ini file:


Amy Hoerle is a system administrator at Think Mutual Bank.

Kim Greene is the owner of Kim Greene Consulting Inc. and an IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems—IBM i edition technical editor. Kim can be reached at

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