Domino Web Access Security Enhancements in Domino 7

DWQ offers enhanced browser cache management and higher security for Internet messaging.

DWQ offers enhanced browser cache management and higher security for Internet messaging.

IBM* Domino* Web Access (DWA) is the function that allows users access to their mail files from a Web browser. This feature, previously known as iNotes* Web Access, received a significant and much needed facelift in Domino 6.5. The interface comes relatively close to the experience a Lotus Notes* client end user has when accessing their mail.

Because of its popularity as a way for employees to connect to their mail files, the end-user experience was further enhanced in Domino release 7. Two important security features were also added to DWA in Domino 7: Enhanced browser cache management and further extending the security of Internet messaging.

Browser Cache Management

This security feature provides better controls over the information that is stored in the browser's cache and which pieces of this information are removed from the browser's cache when a user logs off. Prior to Domino 7, the DWA logout function ensured the user's logon credentials were flushed from the browser, the browser window was closed and any information cached in the browser was stored in a way that it couldn't be easily accessed by others.

The Domino 7 browser cache management feature extends these security measures by allowing the option to clear the local cache in the browser. This means a Domino administrator can choose to have no information left stored in the local cache. This change ensures users are not able to access the information that was previously cached in the browser, in essence, preventing any unauthorized access to a user's mail file. Browser cache management options are set in the Domino Web Access section of the server's Configuration Settings document. An example is shown in figure 1.

The settings shown in figure 1 are all of the default values for the browser cache management security feature. Keep in mind that each of the settings in this section of the configuration document is applied to all users of DWA functionality for the Domino server.

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