Small Shops Can Benefit from Business Intelligence and DB2 Web Query for i

Business Intelligence

Now is the Time to Implement BI

IBM DB2 Web Query for i is designed specifically for the IBM i environment. It is developed jointly by Information Builders and IBM, industry leaders in database and data warehousing. Both IBM and Information Builders have scored well on the BI Magic Quadrant, a Gartner-produced report which measures innovative players in the BI tool space. The Web Query product serves as a powerful replacement for, and goes far beyond, the original Query/400 offering. And for many tasks, SQL, as the language of DB2 database access, is, on a line-for-line basis, far more powerful than RPG.

With Web Query, it's possible to combine line-of-business processing or ERP with business intelligence services on a single platform. This is an integrated approach that takes advantage of the historic IBM i strength: the ability to run mixed workloads consisting of batch, interactive or web based processing on a single system. Web Query provides an affordable, easily implemented, easy-to-use BI solution as an entry level offering called the Express Edition. When expanded features are desired, optional upgrades to the Standard Edition provide a more comprehensive BI offering for larger sites, serving more users or for enterprise data warehouse development.

If your organization hasn’t yet considered business intelligence, now is the time to investigate those possibilities. Turning your business data into information for decision-making has never been easier. The time spent implementing your BI strategy will likely provide a return on your investment.

Rick Flagler is an information technology consultant, teacher and mentor.

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