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Steve Will

Educating Fresh Faces—Boot Camp, Summit and More

Last time I talked about the Fresh Faces who have been joining our IBM i community. Seeing new people getting started is great. But once they get here, how do they learn what they need to know?  Today’s blog will talk about a couple of ways, in particular, and briefly mention some other ways.

First: COMMON’s Boot Camp.

Dawn May

Manage Trigger Programs in Productions

This week’s blog was written by Scott Forstie. Scott is the Db2 for i Business Architect, SQL development leader, and IBM i developerWorks content manager.



Trigger programs are a data-centric technology to deploy business logic by establishing code that will run (fire) when the associated triggering event occurs. Trigger programs have been around a long time and come in two forms:

  1. 1) Native Triggers – managed with the Add Physical File Trigger (ADDPFTRG), Change Physical File Trigger (CHGPFTRG), and Remove Physical File Trigger (RMVPFTRG)
  2. 2) SQL Triggers – managed with the CREATE TRIGGER, ALTER TRIGGER, and DROP TRIGGER SQL statements. More recently, users have been able to also use CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER to simplify trigger deployment.

Jon Paris and Susan Gantner

IBM i News You May Have Missed

Jon Paris and Susan Gantner offer their take on a few of the most recent news items around the IBM i world that you may have missed. 

Jesse Gorzinski

Tech Tip: Be Like a Turtle!

Especially in the open source world, people talk about shells a lot. Instructions to “run this command in a shell” are standard fare. But, what is a shell? Simply put, a shell is a command processor. It is a program that takes input from the user and runs the appropriate commands. Conceptually, it is much like the CL entry screen you’ve used in 5250. Rather than running CL commands from the QSYS.LIB filesystem, it runs executable binaries from a hierarchical file system (stream files from the QOpenSys or root filesystems on IBM i). This includes things like open source language runtimes, common shell commands (ls, cd, pwd, cp), or any PASE executable (most open source). The best way to access a shell on IBM i is from an SSH client.

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Revving Up Your IBM i for the API Economy, Content by Rocket Software
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2017 Omni Technical Conference and Expo
The expo, September 19, 2017, will feature a full day of great IBM i on Power Systems education from stellar speakers, who will cover topics such as Advanced RPG, DB2, SQL and Application Development.


COMMON Fall Conference
Mark your calendars for this year’s COMMON Fall Conference & Expo in St. Louis, October 2-4.


RPG & DB2 Summit
The RPG & DB2 Summit, October 17-19, focuses on the critical skills you need for today's work. RPG, Free Form, SQL, DB2, ILE, RSE/RDi, Web-enablement techniques and mobilizing RPG apps. You'll go deep into tips and techniques that help you work smarter and


IBM Power Systems and IBM Storage Technical University New Orleans
Learn how you can harness the power of IBM Systems solutions to help turn your IT challenges into successes, October 26-20.


AR Traffic Consultants – Advanced Shipping Software for IBM i, From AR Traffic
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